Include / Exclude

Templates support a cargo-generate.toml, with a "template" section that allows you to configure the files that will be processed by cargo-generate. The behavior mirrors Cargo's Include / Exclude functionality, which is documented here. If you are using placeholders in a file name, and also wish to use placeholders in the contents of that file, you should setup your globs to match on the pre-rename filename.

include = ["Cargo.toml"]
# include and exclude are exclusive, if both appear we will use include
exclude = ["*.c"]

⚠️ NOTE: exclude only makes cargo-generate ignore any liquid tags in the file. In order to exclude a file from being copied to the final dir, see ignoring files.

The cargo-generate.toml file should be placed in the root of the template. If using the subfolder feature, the root is the subfolder inside the repository, though cargo-generate will look for the file in all parent folders until it reaches the repository root.